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Welcome to IQC The ISO Pros- an ISO consulting firm in San Diego, California (CA) you can trust. We help companies in implementing, and getting certified to ISO 14001 and different other types of ISO standards too. Since the beginning, we have assisted hundreds of companies and can help you too.  

So, if you’re ready to get your organization ISO 14001certified, contact IQC The ISO Pros now! But before moving forward, let’s learn about some basics about ISO standards and certifications. 

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What are ISO standards?

You can think of ISO standards as frameworks or a set of rules or requirements. Organizations willing to certify for ISO standards integrate or work according to these guidelines. Once the organizations implement the guidelines, they apply for ISO certification.

Are ISO standards important?

Yes, ISO standards are essential. It’s as simple as that. The motive or purpose of ISO standards is to help organizations improve or upgrade. Without a solid framework in place, you can not even think of incorporating a change in your organization.

And this is what ISO standards can help you achieve. ISO standards can bring a solid system using which you can integrate international guidelines into your existing system. And this way, you can quickly improve or upgrade.

All you need to know about ISO 14001

Here is everything you’ve got to know about ISO 14001 before beginning with the certification procedure.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international level standard that puts forward all the requirements for establishing an Environmental Management System. It comes with a framework for organizations to follow. The purpose is to ensure that organizations take all the steps to check and reduce their impact on the environment.

Is getting ISO 14001 certified necessary

Getting ISO 14001 is not mandatory, but it definitely is important. It can help your organization grow and protect the environment as well. Also, if you look at the benefits this certification brings along, you won’t be able to deny this no matter what.

Benefits of getting certified to ISO 14001

Here are the benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified: –

Every ISO standard, including ISO 14001, proves the excellence of your organization. The certification proves that your organization has established everything necessary to produce the best quality products while taking care of the environment. The certification helps in leaving a positive impact on the customers, stakeholders, and even the financial partners.

Another important benefit of getting ISO 14001 certified is the universal applicability. With this certification at hand, your organization will comply with the environmental requirements on a global label. If you ever plan to expand your business in some other country, you can easily do that by getting certified to ISO 14001.

The ISO 14001 specifies strict requirements for installing an environmental management system within an organization. This standard makes sure that your organization takes the necessary steps to protect the environment by reducing your activities' impact on the environment.

And this is quite good for the environment. Actually, it's good for you too. It's because when you get certified for this standard, your customers will think highly of you. Your company will come up as a more responsible and credible organization.

With ISO 14001 certification, you can use healthy practices for producing products and services. When you use healthy practices, you waste less and improve efficiency. It helps improve the quality of processes you use and thus helps improve the overall quality of the products.

With an international environmental management standard like ISO 14001 in place, you can avoid all the environmental threats that may harm your organization in the long run.

With healthy practices in action, your organization can grow better. Its because ISO 14001 forms a structure that is great for all companies. Sooner or later, every organization will have to get ISO 14001 certified. And If you get certified now, you can ensure progress and better growth in whatever business domain you're in.

Not many organizations think highly of the environment. However, you can change this notion by getting ISO 14001 certified. Once your organization gets certified, your customers and stakeholders will definitely trust you more. Your organization will be considered as a caring, responsible, and credible brand. It'll help you get more orders or business deals than your competitors.

Sometimes non-compliance with the environmental regulatory policies can lead to mentalities. And if you have ISO 14001 in place, you won't have to pay any penalty. Also, as ISO 14001 promotes healthy processes, you won't produce any or less waste. Less waste means more savings. So, this is another way you can save costs by implementing and getting certified to ISO 14001.

The ISO 14001 can enable you to make righteous use of your resources. This certification lays requirements for an environment-friendly management system. And all this pours down to a better and efficient process. When you follow the guidelines under the standard, you'll be able to make just use of resources. This will help you produce less waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

Requirements for ISO 14001

Here you’ll find all the requirements for getting ISO 14001 certified.

Documents do you need for ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 certification wants you to display proof that your EMS follows the required guidelines. If you go through the standard documentation, you’ll find all the documentation you need to maintain.

The aim is to make sure that the organization ensures the EMS that is in place is robust. It is to make sure that your organization is aware of the EMS goals to establish through the implementation.

For a successful EMS, you need to find the parts in your company with environmental aspects and their impact on the environment.

Common examples of environmental aspects are: -

  • Use of energy and water
  • Use of recycled items
  • Emission of smoke or fumes
  • Disposal of waste
  • Risk of spills or leakage

Once you find all the aspects in your organization, you'll have to find its impact. You'll need a scoring system to accurately find out where your organization stands. Although the use of a scoring system is not mandatory, it makes the process simpler. Once you have the score, you need to check and work on that score to further reduce your activities' impact on the environment.

To get ISO 14001 certified, you need to create clear environmental objectives and a plan to achieve the same. If possible, quantify the objectives. It means there should be time goals. For example, you should set a goal for reducing energy usage from 24% to 16% in the coming six months instead of just reducing the energy.

You'll also need to demonstrate how you're planning to achieve those goals and their impact on the organization. For example, if you're planning to expand your company, the energy usage is obviously subject to increase. So, you need to check what impact your goals have on the present situation of your company.

Ideally, your plans should be able to establish the following: -

  • Who has the ownership of all the objectives?
  • The procedure of monitoring the progress
  • Any services or equipment required for aching the objective
  • A well-defined timeline to achieve the objectives.

The auditors will examine how your objectives link or affect each other. It'll help them determine how consistent the objectives are in relation to the environmental policy.

ISO 14001 wants the organizations to create and execute operational controls in accordance with the sector they operate in. There's no specific way of determining how you should implement the controls. However, you should maintain documentation that all the operational control ensure that: -

  • You meet the legal and compliance requirements
  • You have assessed and set the environmental objectives
  • You have defined the outsourced all external and internal processes
  • You have assessed, implemented, and reviewed any training equipment

You can think of emergencies as the situations which affect the environment or any environmental events that somehow impact your company. You need to demonstrate to the auditors that you can deal with both of them.

And for this, you need to have a procedure in place that can check for such emergencies. The whole purpose is to minimize the impact of such emergencies on the environment. You need to make sure to test all the procedures and train all the parties involved directly or indirectly in this procedure.

Here you need to display or present the people who can somehow affect your organization's ability to achieve the environmental objectives. These parties will be needed to manage legal and business obligations in your organization.

You should record all the requirements to make sure that they are considered while you're planning the Environmental Management system. Once you have the parties, you can determine how you can meet the obligations by putting a minimum impact on the environment.

A common example of an interested party can be a customer. A customer who wants competitive pricing. Or some organization that wants to improve the carbon emission of your building. You can observe that the interested parties and requirements can both alter with time.

This is yet another essential factor you need to keep in mind. You'll have to demonstrate that your organization is finding and addressing the risks & opportunities that are presented by the EMS. You might not need a specific process or methodology, but you should be able to prove that you're following a risk-based approach.

You should also be able to show or explain your procedure to the auditors which you're using. Also, a documented proof like a strategy or a business plan would work. This documentation must directly link to the clause listed in the standard.

Whenever a new standard or EMS is integrated, new processes come into play. This can overcomplicate things, and the employees might need additional training. So, you need to record your employees' training and the competence labels to make the process easier.

This way, you can conveniently track the progress and further upgrade the skills. Also, you can demonstrate that your employees are competent enough while dealing with environment-related responsibilities.

Every employee or member of your organization should be aware of his or her obligations. It's the reason why you must show that you're sending explicit communications internally and externally. Emails, intranet announcements, meetings, bulletin boards are some examples of internal communications. Emails, meetings, contracts, letters are some examples of external communications. These communications are more detailed as you need to communicate your expectations to the supplier on meeting the environmental requirements.

We've covered most factors or requirements you need to keep in mind. However, some other factors need your focus as well. This process can be quite complicated if you try doing it on your own. But you can make the smart move by contacting IQC The ISO Pros. IQC The ISO Pros is an ISO consulting company. Our professionals have mastery in helping organizations in getting ISO 14001 certified. We know how to help you manage everything.

You can trust us and expect the best results. If you want to remove this certification burden off your shoulders, contact IQC The ISO Pros now. Find below why you should contact us.

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Contact us now!

Getting ISO 14001 certified in San Diego, California (CA) can bring numerous benefits in your way. But you need to contact a consulting company like ours to certify in the right manner. So, if you’re ready, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

Who are IQC The ISO Pros, and why prefer them for getting ISO 14001 certified in San Diego, California (CA)?

When it comes to ISO standard certification, be it any, managing it alone can be a hassle. It becomes even harder when you have zero prior experience and a lot to manage at hand. It’s the reason why you need an ISO consulting company.

IQC The ISO Pros is an ISO standard training and consulting company in San Diego, California (CA). Our professionals help other companies in understanding and implementing ISO standard requirements. All in all, we help organizations in getting ISO certified. Here is why you should choose us.

The best part about hiring IQC The ISO Pros is the experience. Most companies think that experience is not necessary and anyone can implement ISO standards. But that's not the way it happens. If you're not experienced, you won't be knowing the right methodology of implementation.

Also, there are some things you can ignore. An inexperienced person would never know that. And this leads to a waste of resources, time, and money. IQC The ISO Pros will save you from the hassle. We have managed hundreds of ISO certifications, and we have managed them pretty well. So, you can trust us.

Before even starting the certification process, you need to know everything about the ISO standard. From clauses and sections to terms & conditions and compliance requirements, you need to know everything. Without the right knowledge, the certification process will seem vague and useless.

However, IQC The ISO Pros takes good care of this too. Our professionals go through recent updates, revisions, and all the ISO standards daily to not miss anything. This gives us the leverage to stay ahead of others in the market. So, you can trust our knowledgeable staff and expect the best from us.

If you think you can pursue certification without formulating a strategy, you're mistaken. Each business runs differently and goes through different problems. It's the reason IQC The ISO Pros follow a unique strategy. We first understand everything about the process involved from top to bottom.

After that, we draw out an implementation plan for easy execution. This helps in making the entire process sound straightforward. It has always helped us achieve the results we want. So, if you want us to help you, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

We know ISO consulting and training can be sometimes costly. But it doesn't have to be like that. If you want, you can experience world-class ISO consulting at affordable prices with us. IQC The ISO Pros offers services at a reasonable and competitive price.

But that doesn't mean we compromise the quality. You can expect the most superior quality at a price you won't hesitate to pay.